National Arts Council Lamp Post Banner Space

D’Event Factory is the appointed administrator for Civic District lamp post banner spaces under the purview of the National Arts Council.


  1. Application for lamp post banner spaces for display period July to September 2024 is now closed. Click here for application information.
  2. These street banner spaces are open for booking on a quarterly basis, and the next application window will be in June for display period October to December  2024. Please refer to application guidelines for details.

Please note the following four display/application periods:

Display Period                                                                     Application Period

July to September                                                                  March

October to December                                                          June

January to March                                                                    September

April to June                                                                              December

• Maximum display duration / period is four (4) weeks.
• Only applications made during the open call window will be evaluated.
(We will not entertain late submissions nor requests made on an ad-hoc basis.)
• All forms must be submitted through the published online application, unless otherwise stated.

For further enquiries for Civic District, please email to:


The Civic District is known as the historic birthplace of modern Singapore.

There are lamp post banner spaces available within the Civic District to publicise events and activities.

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For any feedback or questions on banner spaces at other locations, please refer to the following:

Orchard Road area Singapore Tourism Board  (STB) Email     :
All other roads Land Transport Authority (LTA)  Customer Service Hotline: 1800 225 5582